• "All knowledge until it is in the body is still a rumor "

    Papua Proverb

    The floor is open !

    Move & Include guided embodied session


    Open Floor is a lively movement practice dedicated to the art of becoming fully present in our body, being rooted & sensitive, alive & aligned in our skins both physically and emotionally, mindfully and spiritually.

    Before words, movement was our first language and way how humanity related to the world and others. We MOVE because we need to self-express, to connect to others, to be creative, to move our emotions, to feel emotional fluidity and mindfulnes, to belong and for fun !

    We move & Include : we invite authenticity whatever our physical or emotional state.


    The movement as a learning to explore how we relate to ourself and others!


    Open Floor is a resource-oriented movement practice. Resourcing ourselves is an on-going process we can use to build resilience and capacity.


    "Somatic resources are the physical actions and capacities that support self-regulation and provide a sense of well-being, competency, and mastery. "Pat Ogden


    Open floor offers a simple movement vocabulary for the way human bodies are born to move, related, work, play, give, receive and rest.

    Open floor works with 10 movement resources that forms a fundamental basis for exploring life as a laboratory.

    We explore movement as a Life lab.



    #Well-being #personal development

  • Open Floor Movement Resources


    In Open Floor, we have highlighted 10 Movement Resources, which we regard as essential movement and important life skills for any self-aware human being, for his/her well-being as well as agile mindset . There are many, many resources – these are simply ten that we recognize as fundamental.

    Embodied learning for exploring our Life skills : Well-being and Agile mindset


    Embodied Learning: Moving with a sense of weight, substance, solid on our feet.

    Mindset = Supports presence, foundation and resiliency (grounding despite turbulence of life)


    Embodied Learning: Finding ist axis, sensate connection with an internal place for rest and balance.

    Mindset = Brings fluidity and stability. Supports resilience (knowwing how to be balanced)

    Activate and Settle

    Embodied Learning: Follow and Engage a raneg of impulses and know how to be quiet, calm and soothe.

    Mindset = Brings balance to the nervous system

    Contract and Expand

    Embodied Learning: Inhabit a full range of movement between opening, radiating out and pulling in.

    Minset= Supports capacity for full expression. Authenticity


    Embodied Learning: a moment to feel, breathe, rest and witness

    Mindset = Supports recharging and openness. Brings being/doing balance and manage time and energy. Sustainability in a distracted and accelerating world


    Embodied Learning: Relaxed body. Release physical tensions and what could block us.

    Mindset = Supports ability to let it go and let it be. Release control, trusting the process, creativity - Emotional Intelligence

    Spatial awareness

    Embodied Learning: Self-awareness of the space around and how we move into that space- Moving confidently, creatively and safely in hall directions.

    Mindset = Brings creativity, cruiosity. Self-awareness on how we interact with others. Navigating with uncertainty

    Toward and Away

    Embodied Learning: Moving closer and stepping away. Starting movement toward and closing connection

    Mindset = Opens curiosity and courage. Self-awareness on how we interact with others and the world. Relational Intelligence


    Embodied Learning: cultivating the sensation of intention and clarity; knowing your starting point, your aim and staying in your body for the journey

    Mindset = Setting intention and purpose. Being able to start first steps as well as staying motivated despite obstacles (resilience)


    Embodied Learning: Ability to change shape, transform and merge with somethig greater than ourselves

    Mindset = Brings adaptability, flexibility

    Sense of belonging

  • "So good and delicious to let yourself be carried, to follow its own movement to take the time, both here and now...While feeling out of tie!

    Thank you for this wonderful flow, both free and guided,

    enveloping and liberating.

    I felt so much lighter then, in my body, my head and in my heart "


    " I never felt so free in my body and in my movement. It is like something has been released, unlocked. A new space has been open inside me and I know I can go to this place again to ressource myself"


    "One word: let go, a sensation: freedom. Trusting, Listening, letting go, and making something good for me ! A big thank you: your activity is a real booster, a good-mood developer and a well-being accelerator. I felt safe and free to explore. I flew by your side and I loved this exercise of intention.

    Thank you for your presence, your sweetness and your listening."


    "A moment of connexion with yourself as well as of letting go

    that, playfully, bring you to release any judgement on yourself and others"


    "A workshop full of energy and movement. We move from state to another one, one state. I let myself go to the music perfectly chosen. It was a time I was connected to me and others with full conscious and confidence "


    "Open space for free movement, no jugement, no technical or performance expectations. Space and time as an extension of meditation practice. Good balance of kindness, complicity and discretion"


    " I love attending Géraldine’s open floor sessions. I arrive tired and leave so much more alive! It feels so to be in a space without any requirements or judgements and just move anyway that my body, my heart or the music inspires me too. I love it! Géraldine is always there to offer a theme of inquiry or encourage us to explore movement in one particular part of our body. It’s reconnecting to the body, the house of your mind and soul." Terri


  • Me, Géraldine, my intention as an Open Floor teacher and facilitor

    My Intention

    My intention is to offer a space of freedom to resource, to recharge, to connect with our body and sensations through free movement in a kind, open, mindful, bodyful and playful framework. My guidance offers a precious space of freedom, trust and no judgement so that everyone could feel free being him/herself and find his/her own movement and path.

    My intention is to offer a space where where being and moving with life is a laboratory of life, where we Move & Include and learn from what we could explore from the movement, where we could MOVE, LEARN and GROW !


    Freedom of movement, the pure pleasure of being, in the present moment, traveling with the music and the joy to be all together in the present moment is our guidance.

    A precious space and a time to welcome what is there whatever the results, relaxing and activating, feeling our cells vibrating and connect to each other. Listening what is here with kindness and playfulness, moving what is alive inside or not, a space for you to be you with you, a space for connection and sense of belongings as well

    Freedom of movement at 360 degrees for freedom to be yourself,

    Freedom of movement for freedom of choice and Conscious decisions


    Playing with fundamental Life Movement Resources can transform you!


    My personal experience and practice:

    In a period of doubt and looking for resourcing, I started the Movement Open Floor practice in 2014. I found a place where I could resource and recharge, where I could fully express myself without any mask, where I could better know myself, how I relate to myself, with others and the world, where I could re-open some doors and free spaces inside me, where I could embody all my dreams including AWENE. I found my home in this space and I am proud and grateful to be part of the Open Floor teachers community.

    Since 2014, I enjoyed more than 500 hours of embodiment, somatic and mindfulness practices:

    Open Floor practice : >300 hours + Training of 30 days (3*10 full days on site)

    5 rhythms, Life Art Process, Body-Mind Centering, Movement Medicine, Singular Dance, Dance therapy : 200h

    Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction : 8 weeks program

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    French and English

  • Move & Include events

    Open Floor movement workshops: Open to all !

    Focus = connection to body sensations and 360° of freedom to move and play with Movement Resources. Freedom of movement, freedom of being. a precious space for your well-being and personal development.

    #Freedom #LetGo #Well-being #Personal Development #Movement #BodyMind #Connection #Resource #Recharge #Music #Authenticity #Trust #Community #Consciousness

    For whom: Everybody is welcome ! all human being breathing and moving who wants to be free in motion.

    My role: offer a framework of openness and no judgement, guiding you to dive in your body and feelings, offering a musical landscape to support the travel.


    2h sessions : Time of arriving and welcoming our body, Explore movement resources, Integrate and Settle.

    Half day, Full day and week-end workshop for a deeper exploration and personal development impact

    Guidance in English and French

    Workshop open to PUBLIC : TO WHAT I say YES in my life 2020?

    The YES POWER and the Art of Saying NO

    Saturday, 14th March 2020 in Basel 3 to 6pm

    A good opportunity to embody and ground your YES for 2020 as well as playing saying NO to protect your YES.

    Very happy to open this workshop again ! It will be amagix mix of my OPen Floor Movement practice, my coaching tools and experience with organizations on The YES Power and the Art of Saying No
    Join us ! #Well-being #PersonalDevelopment the workshop to move and embody your YES as well as playing saying NO to protect your YES.

    In this workshop, we will:

    • Play to say YES and NO with our body and to observe the impact on ourselves and on others, exploring if we are clear enough or not
    • Discuss our basic needs related to YES and NO, how they are fed and what can block us from saying NO.
    • Explore How to say NO in clear way and respectful to the others
    • Learn to embody a real YES to what you want/need and see how we move it.

    Join us ! #Well-being #PersonalDevelopment

    Let's Move and Include !

    Open Floor Movement Practice

    Embodied movement workshops in Basel at Warteck: on MONDAY once a month in 2020

    Re-source ! a precious time for you

    Let's trust our body,
    Let's move with 360 degrees of freedom
    Let's release what we need,

    Let's center and connect to our true self,

    Let's activate & settle,

    Let's explore our movement vocabulary,

    Let's moving with life !


    Join us ! #Well-being #PersonalDevelopment

    Events are announced on my FB Move&Include page and on Meetup

    Workshop : A quoi je dis OUI en 2020?

    Atelier de mouvement libre

    FRIDAY, 7th Feb 2020 à Paris, à l'AGORA lieu de culture

    A quoi je dis OUI en 2020 ? Une transition vers une nouvelle année nous invite à se pauser et à prendre conscience de ce que l‘on l’envie de changer ou pas, de mettre en plus ou en moins dans sa vie, de faire du tri.
    2020 est là. Comment vais-je utiliser en conscience ce temps et espace qui est la devant moi pour moi ? Comment vais-je utiliser au mieux ce temps pour dire OUI à ce qui est important pour moi ? et non à ce qui ne l’est pas ?


    Rejoignez-nous pour vivre un format d’atelier mélangeant mouvement, réflexion, et partage ! Un shoot d’humanité.

    Nous apprenons plus vite et mieux sur nous-même quand nous sommes impliqués, en mouvement et en utilisant l’intelligence du corps.
    La place du mouvement libre et conscient comme espace de jeu sans enjeu, de liberté, de s’autoriser à être soi, d être au plus près de qui on est avec toutes ses facettes, de se découvrir et se retrouver avec soi même.
    De sentir que rien n’est figé, de passer d’un mouvement à un autre, de sentir ce qui est présent ici et maintenant, de laisser faire et lâcher prise en faisant confiance à son corps et son énergie de vie.


    Rejoignez nous pour partager, nous mettre en mouvement et ancrer ce que vous voulez changer en 2020.


    Join us ! #Well-being #PersonalDevelopment

    Workshop : Beauty of Humanity in Motion!

    Monday 16th Sept 2019 , Basel for the CCN network

    Before words, movement was our first language and way humanity related to the world and each other.
    In this experiential workshop we will explore how moving with life and 360 degrees of freedom

    allows us to use, explore and include what is present here and now.
    Everyone will be encouraged to use their own movement to travel with the music,

    to trust their heart, to let their humanity move and explore the paths to embodiment, aliveness, and joy.


    Join us and experience how being and moving with life can become a transformation experience.
    7-7:30 pm - arrivals, apero and welcome 7:30-9 pm - program, Q&A

    Adress : Basel Centrepoint. Im Lohnhof 8. · 4051 Basel
    Program organized by the Conscious Connection Network (CCN), Cost 15CHF

    To register (optional) : https://www.meetup.com/Basel-Conscious-Connection-Network/

    Workshop : MOVE Your INTENTION into ACTION Open Floor Movement Practice

    Saturday, 23th March 2019 in Basel

    How do we give ourselves INTENTION?
    How are we putting our intention into ACTION?
    How do we stay motivated and focused?


    Open Floor Movement workshop
    Join us with the power of music,
    Following your own movement,
    Trusting your heart,
    Letting your INTENTION moving, exploring,
    Finding her path to movefulness and liveness


    Workshop : MOVING with YES and NO!

    Open Floor Movement Practice

    Saturday, 25th May 2019 in Basel

    YES and NO are ones of the first words we learn and are part of our basic vocabulary.

    Knowing saying YES and NO is fundamental for a individual to express his/her capabilities, desires and needs.

    Our communication's impact depends mainly (80%) how our body express it , only 20% comes from the words and voice.

    Open Floor Movement workshop

    Join us with the power of music,
    Following your own movement,

    Playing with basic movement vocabulary,

    Exploring YES and NO with your body,

    Exploring the YES and NO impact to you and others,

    Finding a path to movefulness and authentic liveness


    Join us ! #Well-being #PersonalDevelopment

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