• " So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable"

    Christopher Reeves

    About me, in a nutshell

    Certified HEC* Executive coach, individual and team

    Change and movement facilitator


    Founder of Awene - Specialized in embodied cognition, I combine a unique set of HEC Executive Coaching practice (pragmatic and multi-tools) and body, emotional and relational intelligence from Open Floor Movement practice:

    (1) to support people with the desire to move, change and grow personally and in their career via individual coaching

    (2) to boost soft skills, team cohesion and development in organizations via learning & development workshops

    (3) to lead well-being and development workshops as a lab life exploration.

    Language : French and English

    •  Driven by my passion for life, the power of movement, what make us free and engaged
    • 20 yrs of diverse business professional experience in Life Sciences with significant professional career changes. Starting my journey with a PhD in Biology, then 5 years in entrepreneurship as an innovation consultant and business developer in a start-up followed by 10 years in a large pharmaceutical industry group in Corporate support functions
    • I leverage my experience of innovation in Healthcare (Oncology, Neuroscience), business and change management skills as well as my passion for what makes us moving, what drives us to grow, what block or resource us in order that everyone finds his/her own movement and dares to be their own self with freedom.

    * HEC Paris is #3 worldwide in Executive Education, Financial Times rankings 2019

    My linkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/geraldinemercier/

    My Drive: Being a support for change. Creating bonds between people.

    Passionate by the energy of life, the power of movement and human connection

    I have always been fascinated by what drives us, this energy of life that we all have, from the molecular vibration to what makes us moving toward and away, pausing, engaging and motivating oneself, collaborating, being creative, taking risks alone or together.

    In 20 years of professional experience, besides all the results I could achieve, what made me vibrate was the human interactions. What brought me motivation, joy and satisfaction is to build connections of trust with others, a feeling of contributing as an individual and belonging to a team.


    The world is not fixed. Movement is Life.

    I want to be part of this movement by accompanying you in your development and your own way as individuals, teams and groups.

    What puts us in motion as individual? Drives our intention and direction that make sense?

    How do we move forward together? How bring fundamental human bonds and a sense of belonging for a strong commitment.


    This is what drove me by making AWENE alive.

    Scientist PhD and Business Background

    20 years of Business experience in Life Sciences Industry with significant career changes


    Curious and eager to learn, my professional “Out-of the Box” exploration drove me to have multiple significant career changes:

    • Science and Academic Research 5 yrs PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology - Innovative and cross-disciplinary in Top Research Oncology Institute, Biology Lecturer at the University Paris XI
    • Innovation/Entrepreneurs 5 yrs Consulting for biotech start-ups entrepreneurs and Business Development for one start-up (3 jobs)
    • International Pharma Organization (Roche) 10yrs Corporate and support functions - Business Advisor and Strategic finance. Deep knowledge of global organizations, process and culture (3 roles)

    On the paper, yes : Research/Consultant in innovation/Business Development/Risk Management/Finance could sound very different.

    In my mind and my heart, the same drivers :

    (1) Being a support and booster for change

    (2) Creating bonds between people and bridges between cross-functional area.

    Coaching style, Ethical values

    My coaching and guidance offers a space of freedom and trust so that everyone finds his own movement and can resource to say YES to what make them alive and vibrate.
    Trusting that each human being can express his/her potential, resources and talents, my coaching and human support come as a precious gift and catalyst to mirror, to unlock and start to move.


    Deeply human, pragmatic, grounded, empathetic, and sometimes challenging for the purpose of making progress, my coaching style offers a space of freedom and trust so that you can express yourself with authenticity, without the fear to be judged , feeling empowered to be your true self and the owner of your life.


    Ethical Values and framework
    Autonomy, Trust and Authenticity are the 3 ethical values of the coaching alliance with Géraldine. TRUST garanteeing respect for the person and absolute confidentiality of the sessions. AUTHENTICITY as you can express yourself with freedom, feeling empowered to express yourself with wholeness including body and emotional intelligence. AUTONOMY for you as client who is at the center of the support and take decisions in a autonomous and responsible maner and as the owner of your life.
    As a professional coach, Géraldine commits to be supervised (HEC Executive coaches) and to continue her own personal development and deep psycological understanding of who she is to be able to coach without any projections.


    As an experienced individual, I bring with me as well my 20 years of professional experience in the Life Sciences business and my 6 significant carreer changes, my personal life experience as a woman and a mother, as a nature and sport (triathlon, sailing, hiking) lover as well as my passion for music and movement.

    My tool box is unique and combine my practice and expertise:

    Executive certified coach from HEC Business school:

    Multiple coaching tools for individual and Team learned and practiced with 20 different trainers:

    • Transactional Analysis:  personality behavior, trends and communication theory during relational « transactions ».  Tool : "Drivers/inner voices" that motivates us to act and also can limit us in certain situations.
    • MBTI and Process Communication profiles: self-awareness of preferences in terms of behaviors.
    • Sytemic: Global approach on dysfonctioning and relational issues focusing on interactions between elements of a complex system and.  Palo Alto Systemic approach particularly focus on solving problems by paradoxal strategy that the solution could be par the problem.
    • NeuroLinguistic Programming(NLP) : approach connected neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming), and that  can be changed to achieve specific goals in life. Tools : Dilts Pyramid : personal change model, Walt Disney Protocal = Project/Innovation/Creativity process
    • Gestalt Therapy
    • Non Violent communication / Conflict resolution: how to communicate clearly in a respectful way to others respecting our own needs, and avoiding repetitive tracks that generate tensions and conflicts.
    • Constructive Feedback: Feedback is a precious gift for the person who receive it who can learn and grow from it. Constructive feedback can be learned both from the giver and receiver sides.
    • Peer Support group: collective intelligence well defined strucure and pragmatic tool which bring together a small group of leaders (or peers) that want to self-refect, to learn and to support each other to solve real professional situations and challenges. The impact is two-fold: developing capabilities of individuals and foster a cooperation, agile and trust culture in organizations.

    Open Floor Movement Expert and Teacher


    Certification after 2 years of training and practice, >600hours, 10 trainers, peer group, mentor

    Somatic and embodied learning approach, pragmatic and focusing on 10 movement resources that allows us to explore our body intelligence, emotional and relational agility, how we relate to ourself and how we relate to the world.

    A fundamental and playful laboratory of life ! https://www.awene.life/movement-workshop

  • A Network of coachs and consultants

    Collaboration for a better collective intelligence


    For specific purpose and needs, I take advantage of my network of certified coachs (HEC Alumni) , consultants in diverse areas (Agile culture, Design Thinking, Intuition, Co-Development, Conflict Resolution) as well as embodied movement (Member of International Conscious Movement Teacher Association) to create workshops that fit your needs and objectives.


    My Executive HEC coaching certification practice requires deep personal development including psychology-based personal work as well as continuous supervision with peers and experts.


    " If you want to go faster go alone, if you want to go further go together" African Proverb