"Nothing happens until something moves"

    A. Einstein








    What move you?

    What is moving in your mind? or not ?


  • Trust Your Body - Move Your Mind

    "MOVEMENT represents the principle of flux and CHANGE: it is the flow through which a society -and people- channel its energy for RENEWAL and TRANSFORMATION" Parker J. Palmer

  • What we do / How you can support you

    Individual growth, Team Embodied Learning & Development, Team cohesion /connection, Leadership/Peer support circle

    Embodied Agility, Well-being & Move

    Let's boost my professional and personal life!

    What is moving in my career or my life right now ?

    What is NOT moving and I would like to change ?

    "The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are." Unknown.


    FOCUS: Personalized Learning&Development to support you in yoru desire for change and growth

    For WHOM: Leaders, futures leaders, all people who want to move on and drive their life.

    Let's boost and re-charge

    my team !

    What is moving right now in my team?

    What is NOT noving in my team and would like to change?


    "Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I might not remember. Involve me and I'll understand." Albert Einstein


    FOCUS: Embodied learning and Team Cohesion : Self-Awareneness, Agility, Engagement, Trust, Leadership, Creativity, Focus, Art of saying No and YES space, Collective Intelligence

    For WHOM: Teams in organization which work and move together, Start-up hubs, Management schools, Leadership programs

    Let's Move & Connect! Let's trust our body and learn !

    How to re-connect with my body? my feelings? and explore that mindful movement can be resourceful and a powerful lab of life?

    "All knowledge until it is in the body is still a rumor" Papua Proverb



    FOCUS: Embodied learning Body language, Emotional Intelligence, Connection, Re-charge, Being yourself, Freedom, Active Meditation, Sense of Belongings

    For WHOM: All human beings breathing and moving who want to be free in motion

  • Client's voices

    Personal and professional coaching

    "Thanks to her great analytical and listening skills, Geraldine always asked the right question or provided the relevant comments, which will challenge you and bring you forward in your journey. I really value my time with her. She is giving you a safe environment to unfold, grow and find the right balance." Marie, Roche manager

    Design & Facilitation of a Team workshop- Roche

    "Geraldine is a very thoughtful and skillful facilitator. Her work helped “move” the participants’ mindset to prepare for the future of the business. Despite scheduling issues she has seamlessly adjusted the agenda and delivered the desired outcome. It was a pleasure to work with Geraldine" Didem, Team leader at Roche

    Learning & Development workshop - Roche

    "I found extremely helpful and actual, for the current environment and new ways of working, both topics, "How to boost your concentration" and "How to say yes/no".

    The way Géraldine manage the workshops, introducing "movement" is something that adds a lot of value, a different perspective, and provides a better learning by doing, more than from listening. I know a bit more about me after the workshops, which is a great take away." Rafael, Manager- Team leader at Roche

    Personal and professional coaching


    " With coaching I make sure that I am having the right and deep conversations needed to achieve my goals.

    Geraldine has an outstanding listening and feeback ability that helps to quickly identify my true motivations and blockers."

    Etienne, Syngenta


    Personal and professional coaching

    "With the help of Géraldine, I could face and listen in what inspires me, what are my strengths, listening to my inner voice and what is my life motor. What I’ve discovered in my coaching sessions with Géraldine is her humility, her integrity, her humanity and her life experience. Not to forget that Géraldine shared with me her love with being in movement/.../ Feeling emotions in my entire body! This unique approach was for me essential in my personal moving forward". Sandra

    Atelier OUI/NON - French entrepreneurs at WILLA

    (1) Prise de conscience de l'importance de savoir dire non pour respecter son oui, exercice de prise de conscience de la réaction physique quand on dit oui ou non (2) très intéressant car m'a permis de mettre des mots et à avoir des sensations sur ce que je suis " (3) Approche différente, engageante et drôle (4) Donne de bons outils pour s'affirmer et prendre confiance en soi

    Move & Include workshop

    " I never felt so free in my body and in my movement. It is like something has been released, unlocked. A new space has been open inside me and I know I can go to this place again to resource myself" Martha

    "A moment of connexion with yourself as well as of letting go

    that, playfully, bring you to release any judgement on yourself and others" Edouard


    Move & Include workshop

    " I love attending Géraldine’s open floor sessions. I arrive tired and leave so much more alive! It feels so to be in a space without any requirements or judgements and just move anyway that my body, my heart or the music inspires me too. I love it! Géraldine is always there to offer a theme of inquiry or encourage us to explore movement in one particular part of our body. It’s reconnecting to the body, the house of your mind and soul." Terri


  • Our mission

    Trust your Body - Move your Mind


    Support you in your desire to LEARN, GROW and CHANGE

    Support you to MOVE YOUR MIND

    Trusting and Boosting your body language, emotional intelligence and relational agility


    Being a support for change, Creating bonds between people.

    Supporting leaders and all people who want to grow and drive their life


    Purpose and Sense

    AWEN means the flow in celtic, when both your body and your mind are in a full open state to connect with yourself, others and your environment,

    a magic moment of openness, receptiveness, grounding, security, creativity, wholeness and aliveness.


    AWENE : AWEN + E = Embodied Cognition and Emotions to bring this powerful intelligence we all have: listening and trusting our body sensations, feelings, emotions that stimulate our brain and make us vibrate and moving. This energy that allows us to be ourselves authentically.

  • AWENE Learning and Development workshops

  • Who we are

    Géraldine Mercier, founder of Awene

    grounded by a network of peers and consultants

    Géraldine Mercier Ph.D.

    Founder of Awene, PhD in Biology
    Certified HEC* Executive coach, individual and team

    Change and movement facilitator


    My drive: Being a support for change. Creating bonds between people.

    My passion: the power of movement and life, what makes us human, free and engaged


    Specialized in embodied cognition, I combine a unique set of HEC Executive Coaching practice (pragmatic and multi-tools) as well as body, emotional and relational intelligence Movement practice to:


    (1) support and coach people with the desire to move, change and grow personally and career wise

    (2) boost soft human skills, team cohesion and development in organizations

    (3) lead well-being and development workshops as a lab life exploration.


    Language : French and English


    Deeply human, pragmatic, grounded, empathetic and sometimes challenging for the purpose of making progress, my coaching and facilitation style are aligned with AWENE's values: Authenticity, Trust, Autonomy, Structure/Fondation, Change, Action/Movement, Connection, Exploration, Motivation, Self-improvement



    * HEC Paris is #3 worldwide in Executive Education, Financial Times rankings 2019

    Background :

    20 years of business experience in Life Sciences


    My Motto: Learning by doing


    20 yrs of business experience in Life Sciences and innovation in Healthcare (Oncology, neuroscience) with significant professional career changes :


    Starting my journey with a PhD in Biology, then 5 years in entrepreneurship as an innovation consultant and business developer in biotech start-ups followed by 10 years in a pharmaceutical industry group in Corporate strategic support functions.


    On the paper, yes : Research/Innovation Consultant /Business Development/Risk Management/Finance could sound very different.

    In my mind and my heart, the same drivers :

    (1) Being a support and booster for change

    (2) Creating bonds between people and bridges between cross-functional area.


    " It seems impossible, until it is done " Nelson Mandela

    Grounded by a network of coachs and consultants

    Collaboration for a better collective intelligence

    My 20 years of my rich and diverse business background as well as my need for connection and belongings allowed me to built a robust and trustful network.

    For specific purpose and needs, I work with my peers of certified coachs (HEC Alumni) , consultants in diverse areas (Agile culture, Design Thinking, Intuition, Co-Development, Conflict Resolution) as well as embodied movement teachers (Member of International Conscious Movement Teacher Association) to create workshops that fit your needs and objectives.


    My Executive HEC coaching certification practice requires deep personal development including psychology-based personal work as well as continuous supervision with peers and experts.


    " If you want to go faster go alone, if you want to go further go together"
    African Proverb

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    Please feel free to contact us, the best way to get a personalized discussion!

    Switzerland, Basel
    Registered at CHE-150.680.845
    +33 6 87 87 33 44 French and English