• What Moves You? What Moves Us?

    What Limits You? What Limits Us?




    We think rationally, We act emotionally










    "Nothing happens until something moves" A. Einstein


    Trust Your Body - Move Your Mind

  • Our mission

    Trust your Body - Move your Mind


    Support you in your desire to LEARN, GROW and CHANGE

    Support you to MOVE YOUR MIND

    Boosting your body language, emotional intelligence and relational agility



    Being a support for change, Creating bonds between people.

    Supporting leaders and all people who want to grow and drive their life

    AWENE Purpose and Sense

    AWEN means the flow in celtic, when both your body and your mind are in a full open state to connect with yourself, others and your environment,

    a magic moment of openness, receptiveness, security, creativity, wholeness and aliveness.


    AWENE : AWEN + E like Embodied Cognition and Emotions to bring this powerful intelligence we all have: listening and trusting our body sensations, feelings, emotions that stimulate our brain and make us vibrate and moving. This energy that allows us to be ourselves authentically.

    What drives us as individual? What puts us in motion?

    We think rationally and ACT EMOTIONALLY

    "We are not thinking machines that feel, rather we are feeling machines that think" - Antonio Damasio

    Nowadays our professional life and the digital world could lead us to trust only our brain and even sometimes only our rationale thinking.

    WE ALL have body and emotional intelligence.

    Why limiting ourselves to our left half brain and not using all our capabilities and resources?

    Let's BOOST and MOVE our MIND with embodied cognition to improve our communication, to manage any conflict and boost our human relationship agility.

    “Great leaders move us – they inspire, motivate and energize us. How? they do it through emotional intelligence.” Daniel Goleman.

    Let’s boost our powerful and universal resources:

    Body language, Emotional Intelligence and Relational agility!

    How to develop our self and perform in a complex and fast-pacing changing environment ? Being agile is a key resource to adapt and readjust.

    AWENE's mission is to support changes and agility to make you moving forward, collaborating, being creative, taking risks, giving ourselves intention, performing and achieving. Agility is alive only with agile soft skills, fluid leadership and relational agility.

  • What We Do

    Embodied Cognition

    Personal & Career Coaching

    Boost my Life!


    What is moving in my career or in my life right now ?

    What is not moving and I would like to change ?


    I am in a transition phase and WANT to move and grow to boost my life and my career

    I am questioning myself how to better manage my time/stress, how to solve a conflict, how to gain self-confidence

    I am a manager and WANT to learn and grow to boost my leadership



    FOCUS: Personalized Learning & Development support in your desire for change and growth

    For WHOM: Leaders, future leaders, all people who wants to move on and drive their life


    "The first step towards

    getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are."


    Team Building and Training

    Re-charge my Team!


    What is moving right now in my team?

    What is not noving in my team and would like to change?


    I am a manager and NEED to move and boost my team, to develop new skills and grow together

    I am a business school, a training organization and LOOK FOR a new workshop mixing theory, practice and fun on fundamental topics !


    FOCUS: Cohesion, Motivation, Agility, Engagement, Trust, Communication, Leadership, Concentration, the art of saying YES and NO

    For WHOM: Teams in organization who work and move together, Management schools, Leadership programs


    "Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I might not remember.

    Involve me and I'll understand."

    Albert Einstein

    Movement workshop

    Let's Move and Include!


    What moves me ? How to trust my body and learn from him? How simly connect to my true self and feel free in motion?


    I WANT to offer myself a space of freedom to move as I want, in a playful and trustful space

    I NEED to let it go, to activate, to release, to pause, to ground, to explore how movement can be resourceful and a powerful lab of life !


    FOCUS: Well-Being & Personal Development, Body language, Emotional Intelligence, Connection, Re-source, Active Meditation, Sense of belonging

    For WHOM: all human beings breathing and moving who wants to be free in motion


    "All knowledge until it is in the body is still a rumor" Proverb

  • Who We Are

    Géraldine Mercier, founder of Awene

    grounded by a network of peers and consultants

    About me: Géraldine Mercier Ph.D.

    Founder of Awene, PhD in Biology
    Certified HEC* Executive coach, individual and team

    Change and movement facilitator

    My drive: Being a support for change. Creating bonds between people.

    Specialized in embodied cognition, I combine a unique set of HEC Executive Coaching practice (pragmatic and multitools) as well as body, emotional and relational intelligence Movement practice:

    (1) to support people with the desire to move, change and grow personally and in their career

    (2) to boost team cohesion and development in organizations

    (3) to lead well-being and development workshops as a lab life exploration.

    Language : French and English


    * HEC Paris is #3 worldwide in Executive Education, Financial Times rankings 2019


    Background :

    • Driven by my passion for life, the power of movement, what make us free and engaged
    • 20 yrs of diverse business professional experience in Life Sciences with significant professional career changes. Starting my journey with a PhD in Biology, then 5 years in entrepreneurship as an innovation consultant and business developer in a start-up followed by 10 years in a large pharmaceutical industry group in Corporate support functions.
    • Founder of Awene, I leverage my experience of innovation in Healthcare (Oncology, Neuroscience), business and change management skills as well as my passion for what makes us moving, what drives us to grow, what block or resource us in order that everyone finds his/her own movement and dares to be their own self with freedom.


    "So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable" Christopher Reeves

    Grounded by a network of coachs and consultants

    Collaboration for a better collective intelligence

    For specific purpose and needs, I take advantage of my network of certified coachs (HEC Alumni) , consultants in diverse areas (Agile culture, Design Thinking, Intuition, Co-Development, Conflict Resolution) as well as embodied movement (Member of International Conscious Movement Teacher Association) to create workshops that fit your needs and objectives.


    My Executive HEC coaching certification practice requires deep personal development including psychology-based personal work as well as continuous supervision with peers and experts.


    " If you want to go faster go alone, if you want to go further go together" African Proverb

  • Contact us

    Let's connect by email or by phone !

    Any questions on Individual Coaching, Team Building or Movement Workshop,
    If you want to receive information by email on next AWENE events,

    Please feel free to contact me, the best way to get a personalized discussion!

    Switzerland, Basel
    Registered at CHE-150.680.845
    +33 6 87 87 33 44 French and English