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Awene supports all individuals, leaders and teams who want to MOVE their minds towards what they want to do and be.

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" Nothing happens until something moves "
Albert Einstein

Team building,
facilitation and workshops

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"Coaching gives me the opportunity to have relevant and deep conversations to achieve my goals"

"Géraldine's work helped to "Move" the participants mindset to prepare them for the future of the business"

"It's felt so good to be in a space without any demands or judgements, and just move"

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“ A winner is a dreamer that never gives up ”
Géraldine Mercier
Change & Movement Booster

Executive coach and consultant
Experienced Business Professional
PhD in Biology
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" 👣 Move with freedom" session
Open to all in Basel

Next one : Friday 12th May 19h30 - contact me

Join us to recharge your battery from your mental tiredness, trusting your body, feeling alive in movement, enjoying a beautiful music landscape and the present moment !!

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What is your perspective on your situation ?

How coaching can help you to look at things differently and unlock situations

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"My 1:1 coaching with Géraldine was the best think I ever decided to do,
standing accross life choices, I had a lot of questions unanswered.
Step by step, I found in this approach a variety of extremely useful patterns to work on. Géraldine leads one through every step with kindness and respect.
She invests a great time in giving detailled feed-backs after every session to lean on.

Every single session offers a safe place to explore oneself lead by Géraldine wonderful mind. I highly recommend this coaching, it expanded my life.
Thank you!."
Florence, manager