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  • "Growth occurs when individuals confronts problems, struggle to master them, and through that struggle develop new aspects of their skills, capacities, views about life"

    Carl Rogers

    WHY Being coached ?

    offering you a personalized Learning & Development space to boost your life!

    Being coached is offering you a space for you to learn, to grow and being supported in your professional and personal journey

    A space where you can PAUSE and REFLECT

    on the current situation, on yourself, on what moves you or blocks you, on your internal motors and brakes,

    where you can truly listen what is inside you, your thoughts as well as your feelings, your emotions, combining all your intelligence to boost your thinking, a space where you can make conscious decisions.


    A space where you are not alone, where you receive the external and experienced human support of a professional you have chosen and trust to accompany you in this pathway.


    A space where you and your coach form a TEAM TO SUPPORT YOU in your desire to CHANGE.

    Coaching style and tools

    Géraldine Mercier

    Deeply human, pragmatic, empathetic and sometimes challenging for the purpose of making progress, my coaching style offers a space of freedom and trust so that you can express yourself with authenticity, without the fear to be judged , feeling empowered to be your true self and the owner of your life.

    Autonomy, Trust and Authenticity are the 3 pillars of the coaching relationship I propose. My coaching and human support come as a precious gift and catalyst to mirror, to unlock and start to move.


    My tool box is unique and combines my practices

    Executive certified Coach from HEC business school (Certification after 1 year of 240 hours of training, real practice of professional coaching, as well as a deep engagament of personal development through a psychotherapy):

    Deep and multiple coaching tools for individual and team coaching: Systemic, Transactional Analysis, Neuroprogramming language , Gestalt, Non-Violent Communication

    Open Floor Conscious Movement Expert (certification after 2 yrs of training), guiding and leading workshops with the intention to BOOST our body language , emotional intelligence and relational agility to MOVE OUR MIND.

    WHAT do I want to boost? to change?

    Focus : Transition steps, Desire for Change, Learning & Development

    For whom: Leaders, future leaders and all people who want to drive their life


    Examples of situations and actions:

    Decide about my next career direction: Which direction makes sense for me? What is my next professional move ?

    Succeed in my new challenging role: How I can perform better in my new challenging role and environment?

    Conscious decision : You want and need to take an important decision for your career path or for your life path? How using all your intelligence, rationale thinking, feelings, emotional boost and intuition to decide what makes sense for you?

    Manage a relationship conflict : How I can unlock or better manage a conflict?

    Improve my self-confidence : How gain in self-confidence ? How to muscle my "I" and feel better at my place in certain situations

    Manage my energy and my time (prevention Burn-out): sometimes our life pace is always in an activation mode and everything around is speeding up. How to recharge my battery in stressing periods ? What are my resources to manage better my energy and time.

    Understand better my motivation, my brakes: What drives me as an individual ? making me moving forward ? backward ? my blocking parts ? my resources ?

  • Executive HEC coaching graduation

    Individual and team coaching - HEC Business school /Learning&Development

    Certification after 1 year of training and practice

    30 days (240 hours) of full on-site training

    20 trainers, of which 16 external experts in different coaching approaches

    Multiple tools : Transactional Analysis, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Systemic, Emotional Intelligence, Gestalt Therapy, Non Violent Communication, Art of Questioning, Art therapy, Co-Development, Sociology

    Graduation requiring :

    1) Exam in front of a jury practicing coaching

    2) Final Report of 30 pages on how I know myself, my professional project and coaching practice

    3) a deep personal development work, including a psychotherapy as well as continuous supervision