• Our mission

    Trust your Body - Move your Mind


    Support you in your desire to LEARN, GROW and CHANGE

    Boosting your body language, emotional intelligence and relational agility




    Being a support for change, Creating bonds between people.

    Supporting leaders and all people who want to grow and drive their life

    AWENE Purpose and Sense

    AWEN means the flow in celtic, when both your body and your mind are in a full open state to connect with yourself, others and your environment, a magic moment of openness, receptiveness, security, creativity, wholeness and aliveness.


    AWENE : AWEN + E like Embodied Cognition and Emotions to bring this powerful intelligence we all have: listening and trusting our body sensations, feelings, emotions that stimulate our brain and make us vibrate and moving. This energy that allows us to be ourselves authentically.


    "MOVEMENT represents the principle of flux and change: it is a process through which a society or a person channels its energies for RENEWAL and TRANSFORMATION" Parker J. Palmer

    What drives us as individual? What puts us in motion?

    We think rationally and ACT EMOTIONALLY

    "We are not thinking machines that feel, rather we are feeling machines that think" - Antonio Damasio

    Nowadays our professional life could lead us to trust only our brain and even sometimes only our rationale thinking, half of our brain.

    We all have body and emotional intelligence. Why using only a minor part of our capabilities and resources?

    > Boost your Embodied cognition :

    Emotions are energies in motion and powerful motors. Understand your emotions, the way you express and express them is a huge step to better know yourself : your behaviors, your motivation and obstacles.

    Mastering implicit body language and emotional intelligence is also essential to improve your communication, to manage any conflict and boost your human relationship agility.

    “Great leaders move us – they inspire, motivate and energize us. How? they do it through emotional intelligence.” Daniel Goleman.

    Let’s boost our powerful and universal resources:

    Body language, Emotional Intelligence and Relational agility!

    How to develop our self and perform in a complex and fast-pacing changing environment? Being agile is a key resource to adapt and readjust.

    AWENE's mission is to support changes and agility to make you moving forward, collaborating, being creative, taking risks, giving ourselves intention, performing and achieving.

    Embodied agility to explore key agile minset : Self-awareness, Navigating with uncertainty, Co-creativity, Leadership, Trust, Being authentic and Sense of Belonging