• " A team is not a group of people who work together. It is a group of people

    who trust each other " Simon Sinek

    Offering a Learning & Development space for your team

    How re-charge and boost my team ? by embody the fundamentals

    On top of sharing a common objective, an essential component of the magic equation for a best team's performance and engagement is COHESION amongst team members.


    AWENE focus on the cohesion dimension that creates bonds, trust, efficient communication and a sense of belonging.

    FOCUS= Cohesion, Agility, Motivation, Engagement, Diversity, Inclusion, Leadership, Transition and transformation steps


    For whom:

    ✪ Teams and groups in organizations: global companies as well as start-ups who want to recharge and boost their team

    ✪ Business Management schools, Start-ups and entrepreneurs' Hubs who wants to offer disruptive Learning & Development trainings

  • Experimental workshops to embody and exploring fudamentals


    The Art of Saying No and the YES Power

    Focus on essentials, Boundaries, Respectful communication, performance/burn-out

    How do I manage my time and energy to what is essential to me? How can I say No in clear and respectul way to what limits me, my project, my performance? YES and NO are ones of the first words we can say and are part of our basic vocabulary. Knowing saying YES and NO is fundamental as human being to express one's abilities, desires and needs.

    Navigating with the unknown

    Agility, Change management, Leadership, Group Dynamic

    We live in a fast complex moving world, with things, people and information around chaning continuously. We live in a permanent change that triggers a bit of uncertainty. How do we move when we do not know what is coming next? How do we move when you loose control and anticipation? How can we stay grounded and trust the process ?

    Inclusive leadership

    Uniqueness and Sense of Belonging

    Welcoming diversity in a team and in the same time having a common ground is part of the equation of being an INCLUSIVE leader. What creates trust and connection amongst people ? How do I know I belong to ? How do I include myself in a new group? How I welcome someone? How I can be myself authentically and feeling connected to the group? How do we find a common langage, a commong ground as a team?

    How boosting our focus and concentration?

    Time and energy management /Performance: Multitasting, Biology of the brain, Pause power

    We are working in a highly distracted world, constantly receiving external simulation and huge amount of information to treat. There is a real competition for our attention. Being able to focus is a critical for our performance as well as our well-being. How can we use our brain in a more efficient way? How muscke our concentration and makes the best use of our neurons and energy.

  • AWENE Learning and Development workshops

  • "Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I might not remember. Involve me and I'll understand." A. Einstein

    Format : Embodied Learning a magic mix of theory, practical exploration and fun!


    Learning is much quicker, deeper and long-term when people and especially the body language is involved and when the framework is playful.


    AWENE's offer is based on experimental workshops using an “Embodied cognition and involvment format where the mind and the body can anchor the learning. AWENE's workshops combines a magic mix of theory, practice and sharing amongst participants.

    Facilitation, training style &tools

    Deeply human, pragmatic, grounded, empathetic, and sometimes challenging for the purpose of making progress,

    Géraldine' s guidance offers a space of freedom and trust so that every team member feel confortable to explore, to learn, to move and to grow as an individual and as part of the group.


    Géraldine guides and leads workshops so we can move, recharge, learn and grow, boosting our body language, emotional intelligence and relational agility to MOVE OUR MIND.


    Her tool box is unique and combines her practice and expertise as :

    Executive certified coach from HEC Business school:

    Certification after 1 year of training : 30 days (240 hours) of full on-site training / 20 trainers, of which 16 external experts in different coaching approaches


    Multiple coaching tools for individual and Team learned and practiced with 20 different trainers - Approach and tools examples:

    • Transactional Analysis: personality behavior, trends and communication theory during relational « transactions ».  Tool : "Drivers/inner voices" that motivates us to act and also can limit us in certain situations.
    • MBTI and Process Communication profiles: self-awareness of preferences in terms of behaviors.
    • Sytemic: Global approach on dysfonctioning and relational issues focusing on interactions between elements of a complex system and.  Palo Alto Systemic approach particularly focus on solving problems by paradoxal strategy that the solution could be par the problem.
    • NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) : approach connected neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming), and that  can be changed to achieve specific goals in life. Tools : Dilts Pyramid : personal change model, Walt Disney Protocal = Project/Innovation/Creativity process
    • Gestalt Therapy applied to coaching: Focus on self-awareness and how I relate and adjust to others and the wold. Awareness is the precursor to effective action. Experiential approach: Experimentation is a critial source of learning.
    • Conflict resolution: Non Violent Communciation : how to communicate clearly in a respectful way to others respecting our own needs, and avoiding repetitive tracks that generate tensions and conflicts ; Ofam Core quadrant Model: Communication skills and Behaviour tool based on core qualities and linked pittfalls, allow self-awereness of some friction causes and ways of adjustment 
    • Constructive Feedback: Feedback is a precious gift for the person who receive it who can learn and grow from it. Constructive feedback can be learned both from the giver and receiver sides.
    • Peer Support group: collective intelligence strucure and pragmatic tool which bring together a small group of leaders (or peers) that want to self-refect, to learn and to support each others to solve real professional situations and challenges. The impact is two-fold: developing capabilities of individuals and foster a cooperation, agile and trust culture in organizations.

    Open Floor Movement Expert and Teacher

    Certification after 2 years of training and practice, >600hours, 10 trainers, peer group, mentor


    Somatic and embodied learning approach, pragmatic and focusing on 10 movement resources that allows us to explore our body intelligence, emotional and relational agility, how we relate to ourself and how we relate to the world.


    A fundamental and playful laboratory of life !

    As an experienced individual, Géraldine brings with her as well her 20 years of professional experience in the Life Sciences business and her 6 significant carreer changes, her personal life experience as a woman and a mother, as a nature and sport (triathlon, sailing, hiking) lover as well as her passion for music and movement.

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