• " A team is not a group of people who work together.

    It is a group of people who trust each other "

    Simon Sinek

    Offering a Learning & Development space for your team

    How re-charge and boost my team ? by embody the fundamentals


    On top of sharing a common objective, an essential component of the magic equation for a best team's performance and engagement is COHESION amongst team members.


    AWENE focus on the cohesion dimension that creates bonds, trust, efficient communication and a sense of belonging.


    Focus = Cohesion, Agility, Communication, Transition steps, Motivation, Engagement, Leadership, Diversity, Inclusion.


    For whom:

    Team/groups in organizations, companies - big or small- who wants to boost their Team Cohesion

    Business Management schools and entrepreneurs' hubs who want to offer Learning and Development on People and Team Dynamic

    Format : a magic mix of theory, practical exploration and fun!

    Embodied Learning


    Learning is much quicker, deeper and long-term when people and especially the body language is involved and when the framework is playful. AWENE's offer is based on experimental workshops using an “Embodied cognition and involvment format where the mind and the body can anchor the learning. AWENE's workshops combines a magic mix of theory, practice and sharing amongst participants.



    "Tell me and I'll forget. Show me and I might not remember. Involve me and I'll understand." A. Einstein

    Facilitation, training style &tools

    Deeply human, pragmatic, grounded, empathic, and sometimes challenging for the purpose of making progress, my guidance offers a space of freedom and trust so that every team member feel comfortable to explore, learn, move and grow as an individual and as part of a group.


    My tool box is unique and combines my practices

    Executive certified Coach from HEC business school

    (certification after 1 year training and professional coaching) :

    Deep and mutilple coaching tools for individual and team coaching: Systemic, Transactional Analysis, Neuroprogramming language , Gestalt, Non-Violent Communication

    Open Floor Conscious Movement Expert (certification after 2 yrs of training), guiding and leading workhops with the intention to BOOST our body language , emotional intelligence and relational agility to MOVE OUR MIND.

  • AWENE Learning and Development workshops

  • The YES Power and the art of saying NO

    ✪ Working relationships agility:

    Expressing motivation and boundaries. How saying Yes with motivation and inspiration to my projects? How can we say No in a clear way to what limits me and my projects ?

    YES and NO are some of the first words we can say and that constitutes our basic vocabulary. Knowing HOW to say YES and NO is fundamental as a human being to express one's abilities, desires and needs.

    We want to move forward together as team.

    Goal, Motivation and Engagement:

    What is driving us? How do you give ourselves intention? How are we putting our intention into action ? What drives us to make the 1st step? How do we stay motivated and focused ? You need to embody a team goal already set up? or you want to include body and emotional agility to brainstorm and build a common goal ?

    How Boosting our concentration ?

    ✪ Energy and time management / performance:

    We are working in a highly distracted world, constantly receiving external stimulation and huge amount of information to treat. There is a real competition for our attention.

    Nowadays, a key asset is to be able to train our attention and not being distracted. Being able to focus is a competitive advantage and critical for our performance as well as our well-being.

    Can we use our brain in a more efficient way? How to muscle our concentration and make the best use of our neurons and energy?


    Navigating with the unknown

    Agility, change management, Leadership and Group Dynamic

    We live in a fast complex moving world with things, people, and information around changing continuously. We live in a permanent change that triggers a big part of uncertainty.

    How do we move when we do not know what is coming next ? How letting go a controlling and anticipating view can support us to be more flexible and agile ? How do we stay motivated and focused traveling with big uncertainties.

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